How does it work?

In order to charge in the smartest way possible, we shift your charging activity to the best possible time.

When you arrive, you plug in your Tesla and start our app. You fill in when you want to leave and click ok. That’s it! We make sure your Tesla is always fully charged when you want to leave.

How do I benefit?

Since you’re charging greener and the electricity price will be lower, we at Future Current think it’s fair that you get the benefits. Therefore, you have to make sure your electricity supplier charges you dynamic rates. In The Netherlands, suppliers offering this option for consumers include easyEnergy, NieuweStroom, and EnergyZero. For businesses, NieuweStroom, Edmij and Essent Powerhouse offer dynamic pricing. It’s good to know that, even without our app, dynamic pricing saves you approximately 240 euros per year as a consumer with an electric car. The benefits of our app are on top of that!